Tel Aviv – Caesaria – Rosh Hanikra

From Rabbi Gottlieb, 10/22/2014

Today began at Independence Hall in Tel Aviv, in the room where the State of Israel was declared by David Ben-Gurion, under the photo of Theodore Herzl. It was incredibly moving to be in that famous location, hearing the recorded voice of Ben-Gurion and singing Hatikvah in full voice. 
Then to another era–the Roman and Byzantine Periods–at the archeological excavations at Caesaria; amphitheater, hippodrome and harbor. And finally to the magnificent water-caverns of Rosh Hanikra. 
It is amazing how fluidly one moves from ancient to modern and back again when visiting Israel. Settling into our home for the next few days at Kibbutz Nof Ginnosar on the Sea of Galilee.