Sukkot, a Hebrew word meaning booths or huts

Sukkot, a Hebrew word meaning “booths” or “huts,” refers to the Jewish festival of giving thanks for the fall harvest, as well as the commemoration of the forty years of Jewish wandering in the desert after Sinai. Sukkot is celebrated five days after Yom Kippur on the 15th of Tishrei and is marked by several distinct traditions. One tradition, which takes the commandment to “dwell in booths” literally, is to build a sukkah, a booth or hut. A sukkah is often erected by Jews during this festival, and it is common practice for some to eat and even live in these temporary dwellings during Sukkot. Read more about the history and customs of Sukkot.

Sukkot Celebrations for 5777 – 2016

Sukkah Building and Decoration
Sunday, October 16
9:00 am-12:00 pm

While our B3 (Religious School) community is learning about Sukkot in the classroom and creating beautiful decorations (during regular school hours), adults will be busy building the BIJ SUkkah in the courtyard.  All will join together at 11:15 am to decorate and put the finishing touches on the Sukkah.  Join us!

Friday Night Feast/Sukkot Celebration
Friday, October 21
6:30 pm – Free Catered Shabbat Dinner (RSVP to sisterhood in and around the Sukkah (weather permitting).  With family-friendly singing and Sukkah blessings.
7:30 pm – Special Program with our Guest Speaker, Vlad Khaykin, Associate Director of the Central Pacific Region of the Anti-Defamation League.  Topic: “We Were Strangers Too: The Syrian Refugee Crisis”
Sukkot/Shemini Atzeret Festival Service with Yizkor
Monday, October 24
10:00 am
We welcome our friends from B’nai Emunah for this Festival morning service.