Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Within Jewish tradition, study has always been a holy activity and a sacred obligation.

A driver’s license, not a diploma:

Jewish learning is a lifelong process. Just as you get a license in order to use it, you commit to continue learning and growing as a Jew when you become a bar or bat mitzvah. Continue your religious education and seek out opportunities to use what you have learned to live a rich Jewish life.

Getting there is half the fun (and more):

The years of study required before becoming bar/bat mitzvah are not simply preparation for the service. Regular attendance and serious commitment to learning are required. This responsibility falls not only on the students, but also on the parents to make religious education a priority. Our tradition teaches us to study Torah lishmah, Jewish learning for its own sake. Much of the learning that goes on in today’s world is so that we can get into a good college or get a better job. The goal of Jewish learning is to become better human beings, with lives full of purpose and holiness and meaning.

To learn more about BIJ’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah programs, please contact the office at (415) 586-8833.