Israel Trip 2014

BIJ Trip to Israel, October-November 2014


From Rabbi Gottlieb, 10/21/2014

Our first full day in Israel was focused on the events leading up to the War of Independence. In particular the history of the Palmach and its role in defending Israel against the attacks that followed the Declaration of Independence in 1948. We also saw the secret bullet factory at the Ayalon Institute where young kibbutzniks ran a clandestine operation to manufacture the ammunition for the War of Independence, an enterprise that was so “top secret” that it was not revealed to the public until the 1980’s. 

Returning to our hotel on the beach in Tel Aviv, watching the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea and taking an evening stroll along the promenade, we could only marvel at the beauty and serenity of this first day. 

Looking back on the day we think about the tremendous strength, courage and faith of these young fighters, most of them in their twenties, who faced constant danger in their service to the State of Israel, and the gift that their sacrifice gave to us and to the Jewish People. 


We also rejoice in our return to The Land, where we immediately felt “back at home”, even those of us arriving for the first time. 

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