Yom Rivii, 12 Nisan 5775
  • Rachamim...Compassion
  • Torah...Learning
  • Ahavah...Love
  • B'rachah...Blessings
  • Shalom...Peace
  • Chesed...Loving Kindness
  • Tz'dakah...Justice

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BIJ Community Second-Night Seder
Saturday, April 4, 6:30 pm

passoverJoin us for our annual Community Passover Seder as we remember the journey of our ancestors' exodus from Egypt and experience our own movement from oppression to liberation. Join Rabbi Gottlieb, Cantorial Soloist David Morgenstern and Song Leader Ricki Weintraub as we retell our People's most cherished story, with discussion, food and song. Register here.

          Members: $40 (children under 12, $20)

          Non-Members: $50 (children under 12, $30)

Donations to BIJ's Elijah Fund will enable everyone to attend. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.


Scholar-in-Residence April 17-19, 2015

Making the Desert Bloom: Celebrating 30+ years of Pluralism and Eco-Zionism in the Arava Desert

with Alex Cicelsky, Director of Research and Development, Center for Creative Ecology, Kibbutz Lotan

Friday, April 17, 6:30pm – Friday Night Feast (Free Catered Shabbat Dinner with RSVP)
          Celebrating 30+ Years of Sustainability in the Arava Desert

Saturday, April 18, 9:00am – Torah Study, Parashat Shemini
          Kashrut and Environmental Sustainability

Sunday, April 19, 10:00am – A program for the B3 and Or Shalom schools, and the Southside Jewish Coalition adult community
          Kibbutz Lotan and Creative Ecology in Israel

alex cicelskyFounded in 1983 by graduates of NFTY, the Reform Youth Movement of America, Kibbutz Lotan is a jewel in the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (one of two Reform kibbutzim). Located in the Southern Arava, their community’s mission is to live Jewishly, equitably and in an environmentally sustainable way. Besides the environmental research work they do and the innovative practices they have put into place, their Center for Creative Ecology (CfCE) runs a myriad of educational programs for post high school, college and post graduate students. They also run programs for visiting congregations, for American, Israeli and international youth groups and international (including Palestinian) visitors of all ages who come to experience the community and/or to learn first-hand about the kibbutz's sustainable building techniques, recycling, organic farming, water recycling and waste management, permaculture and philosophy of eco-village living. 




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Tikkun Olam

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Come be a part of our San Francisco Bay Area Jewish community.  You are welcome!

At BIJ we pride ourselves on our welcome and warmth. Jews and non-Jews alike are welcome at all our services and events. We know how important it is to find a spiritual home where Jewish community is valued and real, for Jews and for their non-Jewish family and friends. The congregation is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism.

Here, you can make a difference in the temple and its programs, find new friends, nurture your faith, serve the Jewish people in San Francisco Bay Area and in the world around us, and cheer with our crowd at a baseball game.

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